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Le Petit Plaisir (Set of 9)

  • RM165.00 MYR

Enjoy the small pleasures in life, best shared with your loved ones. Presented to you are 9 different flavours of small cakes in petite bites for you to savour, handcrafted by our World Pastry Champions OTTO x LOI. It is a selection near and dear to our hearts, and we hope with this you can create memories you want to cherish forever.

In this box, you will find:

Lily Pandan
Pandan Whipped Ganache | Pulut Hitam | Coconut Cream | Peanut Dacquoise | Peanut Streusel

Chocolate Choux | Orange Kamquat Confit | Light Tonka Cocoa Chantilly | 64% Moelleux Ganache | Hazelnut Dacquoise | Dark Chocolate Feuilletine 

Le Sesame Noir
Black Sesame Chantilly Cream | Black Sesame Mousse | Orange Cremeux | Raspberry Coulis | Black Sesame Financier | Black Sesame Croustillant

Pomelo Pulp | Candied Kamquat | Grapefruit Chiboust | Yuzu Curd | Grapefruit Confit | Lime Sable Breton

Lychee Mint Chantilly | Lychee Mint Meringue Mousse | Cassis Coulis | Cassis Lychee Compote | Almond Dacquoise | Almond Croustillant 

Blueberries | Earl Grey Whipped Cream | Blueberry Coulis | Yuzu Cream | Earl Grey Genes | Almond Tart | Earl Grey Frangipane with Lemon Candied

Coffee Mousse | Pecan Praline | Coffee Cremeux | Chocolate Biscuit | Pecan Croustillant

Kaffir Lime Light Bouvarois | Yuzu Creamuex | Pear CompoteKaffir Lime Madeleine | Pecan Nut Croustillant

Pink Pomelo
Pink Pomelo Pulp | Orange Blossom Chantilly | Grapefruit Confit | Grapefruit Marmalade | Lemon Cheesecake |Sable Reconstitute


Attention: Nut Allergy Warning! Please be advised that the cake may contain nuts. We want to ensure the safety of our customers with nut allergies, so kindly exercise caution when considering this product