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Le Petit Plaisir (Set of 9)

  • RM165.00 MYR

Enjoy the small pleasures in life, best shared with your loved ones. Presented to you are 9 different flavours of small cakes in petite bites for you to savour, handcrafted by our World Pastry Champions OTTO x LOI. It is a selection near and dear to our hearts, and we hope with this you can create memories you want to cherish forever.

In this box, you will find:

Lily Pandan
Pandan Whipped Ganache | Pulut Hitam | Coconut Cream | Peanut Dacquoise | Peanut Streusel

Tarte Au Citron
Candied Buddha's Hand | Lime meringue | Lemon Cream | Almond Cream | Almond Crust

Le Sesame Noir
Black Sesame Chantilly Cream | Black Sesame Mousse | Orange Cremeux | Raspberry Coulis | Black Sesame Financier | Black Sesame Croustillant

Apricot Marmalade | Orange Blossom Chantilly | Apricot Mousse | Apricot Compote | Hazelnut Biscuit | Hazelnut Croustillant

Chocolate Choux | Orange Kamquat Confit | Light Tonka Cocoa Chantilly | 64% Moelleux Ganache | Hazelnut Dacquoise | Dark Chocolate Feuilletine 

Shiso Leaf Chantilly | Shiso Leaf Bavarois | Peach Coulis | Peach Compote | Vanilla Biscuit | Almond Croustillant

Coffee Mousse | Pecan Praline | Coffee Cremeux | Chocolate Biscuit | Pecan Croustillant

Osmanthus Tragacanth | Yogurt Vanilla Chantilly | Strawberry Compote | Yuzu Curd | Almond Dacquoise | Almond Croustillant

Apple Tartin
Mascarpone Chantilly | Rolled Caramel Apple | Mille Feuille Ring | Caramel Filling | Almond Dacquoise