For same day pick up / delivery, please whatsapp us at +6016 4166569 to check for availability

Delivery Policy

Delivery Methods

Our deliveries are conducted by a third party delivery service provider. Those who order with us agree to be subjected to the terms & conditions of our preferred delivery service provider.   

Tracking Number

Unfortunately at this moment we do not provide a tracking number as this service is not provided by our delivery service provider.

Delivery Rates

All delivery rates are calculated by our delivery service provider based on the destination of delivery.

Same Day Delivery

As of the moment, we do not provide same day delivery services. All orders are on a pre-order basis of a at least one (1) day notice period.

Delivery Timing

All orders must be made at least one (1) day in advance, before 3:00p.m. (noon) GMT +8 for next day delivery. Subject to these conditions, the customer may select their preferred date and timing of delivery upon checkout, of which we and our delivery service provider will comply with to the best of our ability. 

Delivery Location

Please ensure that the delivery address keyed in upon checkout is to the correct destination; any last minute amendments to the delivery destination will incur extra costs as per necessary. In the event the recipient and the customer who made the purchase are two separate people, the extra cost will be charged to the original paying customer.

Order Mistake/Error 

Should you receive the wrong order/did not receive your order, please contact us as soon as possible via our customer service hotline at +6016 416 6569, or email us at

Voilà Patisserie will not accept responsibilities for late or non-deliveries under the following circumstances:

  1. The recipient is not present at the address given at the time the delivery was requested to take place;
  2. The address given was incorrect or insufficient;
  3. No such person at the given address;
  4. No valid contact number was given to us to make reasonable attempts to contact the recipient in order to execute the order successfully;
  5. In the event of any non-delivery, no requests for refund will be entertained due to the perishable nature of our products;
  6. Refusal of any item by the recipient will still be considered as delivered and no refund will be made; and
  7. In rare cases of delayed delivery due to circumstances beyond our control, Voilà Patisserie will not be held liable for any claims.

In the event that during our delivery attempt, there was no one present at the time of delivery for collection nor were there any response to calls or messages, the product will be sent back to our kitchen. Additional charges will be calculated based on the return trip service.

Please note that our cakes are chill-based and extremely fragile. Voilà Patisserie excludes liability for any melting/damage to the product:

  1. After conclusion of the delivery to the stipulated location upon cart checkout;
  2. In the event of no collection, during the return trip to our kitchen.

Amendment of Delivery Details

Upon change in delivery details, please contact our customer service as soon as possible and AT LEAST two (2) days prior to delivery/pick up date. Voilà Patisserie will not be held responsible for any delivery errors.