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Oriental - Mid Autumn 2023

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 Exquisite Mid-Autumn Delights for Your Celebration

🌕 Indulge in the Essence of Mid-Autumn Magic! 🌕

Step into a world of rich tradition and delectable flavors with our handcrafted Mid-Autumn cakes. Oriental is a masterpiece, meticulously created to bring out the essence of this enchanting season. As the full moon graces the night sky, our cakes add an extra touch of elegance and sweetness to your festivities.

 - Kaffir Lime Light Bouvarois
 - Yuzu Creamuex 
 - Pear Compote
 - Kaffir Lime Madeleine
 - P
ecan Nut Croustillant

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Experience the true spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival with our exquisite cakes that combine tradition, flavor, and artistry. Elevate your celebration with a touch of sweetness that captures the essence of this magical season.