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[Dragon Year 2024] Dragonfire Prosperity

  • RM116.00 MYR
Wishing you good health, happiness and prosperity in the new year, enjoy 4 of Voilà's signature petit gâteau limited edition chocolate decorative pieces in our exclusive Dragon Year 2024.


Blueberries | Earl Grey Whipped Cream | Blueberry Coulis | Yuzu Cream
Earl Grey Genes | Almond Tart | Earl Grey Frangipane with Lemon Candied

Lychee Mint Chantilly | Lychee Mint Meringue Mousse | Cassis Coulis | Cassis Lychee Compote | Almond Dacquoise | Almond Croustillant

Pistachio Mousse | Quince Confit | Pistachio Biscuit |  Pistachio Croustillant

Coconut Jasmine Mousse | Pineapple Confit | Lime Cremeux | Pineapple Compote | 
Lime Ginger Biscuit | Coconut Croustillant